30 MILLION Step Challenge!

For 2021 WURC has set the challenge of completing 30 MILLION steps during May 2021.

This is 100 people each doing 300,000 steps, which is 10,000 steps per day! Easy ;)

Please Donate to Christian Aid via our fundraising page at https://envelope.christianaid.org.uk/envelope/wurc

The top ten steppers will be listed below on the Hall of Fame. Please email your daily totals to gavin.mccall@withamurc.org.uk

Email previous day’s steps before NOON, and I’ll post the update later that day! (I may be out walking myself!)

I will do the maths on my abacas and update the totals!


Register at https://www.christianaid.org.uk/appeals/key-appeals/christian-aid-week/challenge-yourself and get a Christian Aid tee-shirt!

After 31 days! (Not all results are in) Updated 5th June.

7,550,870 steps completed

22,449,130 to go!

Completed 25%

18 and over!

Name Total
1 Tracey Pe.         741,190
2 Bob St.         643,293
3 Deborah Ro.         547,212
4 Gavin Mc.         533,511
5 Beverley Do.         519,742
6 Tony Ro.         462,309
7 Eve Mu.         440,045
8 Ian Ha.         422,100
9 Julia Mc.         295,374
10 Georgie Cu.         278,597
11 Lorna Ba.         242,858
12 Mark Am.         237,900

Under 18!

1 John Hu.           45,296
2 Christian So.           19,340


This link will take you to our Witham URC e-envelope page on the Christian Aid website at https://envelope.christianaid.org.uk/envelope/wurc

Christian Aid envelope link